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Library Website Is Up And Running

The Library located at     https://bibleswordfinal.neocities.org/     is up and running!

I will not declare it completed because there may always be something to be added.

The Bible can be seen as three parts:

the Past (Creation and Biblical Historical accounts)

the Present (How we are to live this life as followers of Christ)

the Future (What is to be expected for the future)

The third portion was the focus of  the LIBRARY website. 

The second portion will be the focus of the next project: The EPISTLE

Why should I Submit?

 Believers will go to the altar and kneel in “submission” to God Almighty to place requests at His feet.

What happens after leaving the Altar and coming face to face with someone else and not being able to “kneel in submission”?

How easy it is to kneel in submission to the God of the Universe with whom there is no physical contact but the spouse standing next to you cannot obtain that same submission!

Believers are quick to tell someone that they do not deserve that same respect.  God wants to ask a question.  Did I not make them as I made you?  If they do not deserve it, then why should you?  If you cannot submit to one another, why should I look upon your selfish attempt to kneel at my altar as being anything more than an attempt to be a show before man!  You Hypocrite, even the Pharisee did a better job of role playing…

Where does God fit into all this?

Man does not submit to God.  He thumbs his nose up in defiance. He has the power to stand on his own two feet. Every man also has his own opinion.  The only thing important in this world is to make that opinion known to the world.

Women do not submit to men. They defy the direction and leading of their husbands and fathers in order to stand on their own two feet and to make their opinions heard.

Children do not submit to their parents.  They watch fathers not submitting, they watch mothers not submitting.  What are we expecting them to learn?  We model REBELLION and complain when the children rebel. What are they going to do? Submit to parental authority? Submit to God’s Authority?

Then the cycle begins all over yet again.  Those children grow physically into adults having learned nothing regarding submission. Each cycle producing a generation further away from God than the previous one.

Why is there an expectation that they will eventually submit to the authority of God?

Thou Shall Be TOLERENT!

 Believers in Jesus Christ have been accused of being Intolerant and un-accommodating.

 What do those words even mean? Since these are “UN-“ words; one must understand the regular word.

“Tolerant and accommodating” – means to be able to change and lower the standards to allow someone with those lower standards to feel acceptable and unoffended

Based upon that definition, Believers in Jesus Christ BETTER BE intolerant and unaccommodating.  Those are the teachings one is accepting when calling themselves a “follower of Jesus Christ”.

Unfortunately, the church is wrong in how much it is tolerant and accommodating.  No where in scripture are believers told that they are to lower all standards in order to be able to love the unbeliever!

The abuse in making the gospel message acceptable has turned the act of “love” into an act to become culturally and socially acceptable. Believers are to be SEPARATE from the World.

Anyone who claims to be a believer and is OFFENDED by these words; I have one statement for you:

Pharisee and Hypocrites need to run and hide before they come face to face with the man they claim to follow!  He will not be able to tell you apart from unbelievers!


Matthew 16:1-4; 23:1-36; 25:31-33; 1 Timothy 4:6-11; 15-16; 2 Corinthians 4; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18